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Where you can eat your feelings during the Coronavirus isolation: Le Plateau Edition

Dernière mise à jour : 1 avr. 2020

As the Covid-19 pandemic is in full swing worldwide, businesses were forced to close its doors to the public. When you look at this situation on an economical level, we can all agree these businesses need our help as they are vital to sustaining local economy and as a community, it is our duty to see them thrive once life will go back to normal. In the same train of thought, I have listed restaurants all located in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal district of Montreal that still deliver food or are open for takeout orders. Now, if you are scared of contracting Covid-19, I would suggest leaving a note on your order by specificating the delivery attendant to leave the order at your doorstep and once you open the package, transfer the food directly in plates and throw away the containers. Also wash your hands!

For good Mexican food and signature cocktails simply order through UberEats.

Located in the Mile-End borough, Nouveau Palais is an American grill serving tasty burgers and fried chicken. The restaurant is open from 5 pm to 9 pm for takeout orders. Also, with a full meal, you can also buy a bottle of wine to-go! Check their Facebook Page to see their delicious menu and once you're ready to place your order, simply give the restaurant a call at 514-273-1180 and let them know of your time of arrival to pick up your meal.

281 rue Bernard Ouest

5 pm to 9 pm

This little slice of heaven located in the heart of Mont-Royal Avenue brings the best of two cuisines under one roof. Indeed Sandhu is a fusion of Italian and Indian cuisine! So yes, if you're craving pizza, Sandhu offers a humble selection of 36 toppings and of course, serves classic Italian and Indian dishes. It is safe to safe Sandhu will appeal to any taste buds. You can opt for a free delivery option when you order online or you can drop by the restaurant after placing your order by phone to pick it up. Side note: they also sell wine to-go!

4548 Avenue Papineau


The BYOW French Restaurant decided to come up with a takeout menu available on both their website or Facebook Page. It would be best to give the restaurant a call before placing an order as they will prepare it for you prior to your arrival. The restaurant was still working on making their menu available through UberEats and Foodora but at the moment of writing these lines, it was still pending. So stay tuned!

5058 Avenue du Parc

(514) 448-1598

"Where can I get oysters" is probably an obnoxious question that comes up ALL THE DAMN TIME if you have worked in the hospitality industry, but REJOICE; Chez Victoire has them! As the French Restaurant prides itself on offering daily menus, it would be best to visit their Facebook Page to see their menu prior to ordering. ALSO, the heavens have blessed us once more! Indeed, Chez Victoire is having a killer promo to help us survive this self-isolation period by selling their wine at 30% off when ordering a full meal. La belle vie quoi!

PS: As of now, the only way to enjoy Chez Victoire is through pick-up orders, but the restaurant is currently working on having a delivery service.

1453 Avenue Mont-Royal Est

(514) 521-6789

Orders available from 1 pm to 7 pm

Pick-up from 4 pm to 8 pm

*Small personal specification: I am super ecstatic to see a BREWERY doing takeouts and pickup orders which is located within earshot of my apartment (east side of Le Plateau). Miracles do happen*

Now onto a more educative section: to order delicious dishes (think of brewery food but more elevated IMO) with tasty beers to quench your thirst, Boswell is here for you. Simply check their menu online and once you're ready, give them a call! Also if you're running low of Purell, they do sell those as well -ain't joking here!

2407 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

(438) 386-4666 to order

Free delivery with orders over CAD$25

Available from Monday to Sunday from 3 pm till 10 pm

Another place located not too far from my little casa is Bistro Abbiocco, an Italian restaurant that recently opened its doors only a few months ago on Mont-Royal Avenue. Now if carbs are more up your alley, your tummy will thank Abbiocco. For any takeout orders, simply give the restaurant a shout by calling them, or you can simply write your order on their Instagram and Facebook pages (yeah they take your order through social media!)

1915 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

(438) 375-6091

you can order tasty Thai typical dishes from the comfort of your own cough all thanks to Doordash and UberEats. If you can stomach it, I'd suggest you try their Kra Prao with a fried egg- spicy delicious! Beware, it ain't for the fainted heart

901 Rue Sherbrooke Est

(514) 508-9444

Daily from 3 pm to 10 pm

With daily menus serving classic Italian dishes, Barcola Bistro shows their menu on their website directly and offers delivery to these boroughs: Mile-End, Outremont and Le Plateau. If you wish to get delivery outside of these listed boroughs, simply do it on the GOLO App. Buon appetito!

5607 Avenue du Parc

Phone orders: (438) 384-1112

Artigiani Pizzeria Cucina

Simple as life: if you're craving pizza, Artigiani is here to help and is nonna approved! You can easily order from UberEats, Foodora and Skip the Dishes. If you wish to make it the distance, you can always go to the restaurant to pick up your order; however, it would be best to give the restaurant a call prior.

4657 Rue St-Denis

(514) 564-5842

Bon appétit!

Cover image by Restaurant Sandhu

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