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A Vintage Pop-Up Christmas sale is coming to Montreal

Shouldn't come as a surprise, but it's safe to say 2020 sucks balls. The fact that the year is coming to a close might reassured some, but we shall need a miracle in order to breathe once again. Yet, there shall be light in the darkness. If you're on the optimistic spectrum, I'm sure you've already set up Christmas decorations around the house. If so, I applaud you. But when one talks about decorations also brings the toping of gift-giving. Therefore, some local Montreal secondhand companies are gathering to bring you an array of vintage pieces from home decor to clothing and accessories, to brighten up your day and perhaps an amazing chance to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Located in Montreal's Quartier des Spectacles, Bar Pamplemousse is opening its doors to kick off the festivities by partnering up with 11 local vendors starting this Friday, November 20th until Sunday, November 22nd. An event you should not miss! It would be good to check the info of the event first prior to your visit as some vendors will only be present on a certain day, but more on that below.

To spice things up, there will be giveaways to those who RSVPed on the Facebook event and gifts will be handed to the first daily visitors on site. Sounds good so far? Plus, to finish the shopping session on a good note, you can always head to the counter to get your lunch on the go. Nothing beats a good pizza, jerk chicken, or a good cup of coffee, am I right?

But who are those vendors? Glad you ask.

Based in Repentigny, Bois et Émeraude Vintage prides itself on finding gorgeous pieces whilst thrift-shopping. Feminity and class to a tee.

*Bois et Émeraude Vintage will be attending all 3 days!

If you're on the hunt for the perfect accent piece such as a set of chairs or a trolley to use a mini bar, this one is for you!

*Turquoise's Treasure will be attending all 3 days!

French for The Lost Objects, the latter has the perfect eye to spot amazing clothing pieces that are both neutral and timeless. All thanks to the mastermind, Camille, you will find the perfect coat or sweater but we don't want to jinx it. Gotta see it for yourself.

*Les Objets Perdus will only be attending on Friday, November 20th

Osier is French for wicker. This means you will find the obvious wicker, but also rattan, and bamboo home furniture. Safe to say how home trends have been flirting with those materials, so if you're looking for some great finds, pretty sure you'll be on cloud nine!

*Casa Osier will only be attending on Friday, November 20th

If you have a soft spot for imperial-style pieces, you're in luck!

*Vintage Depot MTL will only be attending on Friday, November 20th

A tad more eclectic than the previous secondhand clothing vendor, if you're on the hunt for that wow factor... this is a great spot to start.

*Wear WTV You Want will only be attending on Saturday, November 21st

Located in Hochelaga, Ho Deco has an eye for pretty much everything. But, if a set of glasses is more your cup of tea (no pun intended), rest assured the extensive collection will quench your thirst (okay, I wanted to use the puns!)

*Ho.Deco will only be attending on Saturday, November 21st

Self-proclaimed perfectly imperfect, the Rosemont's based gig will instantly charm you with its collection of original secondhand pieces. If your eye usually wanders towards black and white pieces, you shall be transported to wonderland.

*Les Malaimés will only be attending on Saturday, November 21st

Located in Villeray, Dans l'Ère offers a variety of great finds that truly embodies what funky-retro is all about. Think of pastel colors and eye-catching pieces, the rest you shall discover by yourself.

*Dans l'Ère will only be attending on Sunday, November 22nd

Don't let the name fool you. You won't only find great Baroque-style pieces, but pretty much any styles from previous decades. A must-see! And you might want to bring a truck around; you won't be going home with small pieces, I can assure you.

*La Maison Baroque will only be attending on Sunday, November 22nd

If you love cotton candy, get ready to be enchanted. From vanity mirrors to vases, I'm pretty certain you shall find those wow pieces you don't even know you've been searching for.

*La Barbe à Papa will only be attending on Sunday, November 22nd

***Now that you know all the details, call a friend, and mark the date down on your calendar. But before you leave your house, DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR MASK and CASH!!! The event won't allow card payment, so get to an ATM first. (Worst case you can always pay via PayPal or E-Transfer, but to avoid the hassle, bring money -it will also help you stay within your budget, these sales can get dangerous, take it from me! Now, have fun shopping and stay safe.***

Bar Pamplemousse

1579 Blvd. Saint-Laurent

From Friday, November 20th to Sunday, November 22nd

From noon till 8 pm

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