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The best Montreal-made candles to gift this holiday season

We all have that one friend whose entire monthly budget seems to be twice as much as one's rent for scented goods. We know who you are and we are not here to judge. In truth, we are here to lessen the load and perhaps help you discover great local brands right in time for Christmas if you're looking for a great gift for your candle-lover friend.

A Youtuber and content creator by day, a candle-maker by night. Introducing Montreal's sweetheart latest project: Les Douceurs. The latter saw the light of day just recently, all thanks to this COVID-19 situation where it pushed Kayla to commit to a long-time dream of hers. Taking a leap of faith and it resulting in starting an online boutique to provide warmth and your daily dose of sweetness. These candles are only the start. With already 3 fragrances in inventory at a more-than-affordable price tag of 22$ you won't have to break your piggie-bank this holiday season.

*Order before December 16th if you wish to receive yours right in time for Christmas!

Another affordable and local brand that figures on your candle-lover list would undeniably be T.Lees. These candles are made with soybeans, are also GMO-free, and are mixed with 100% natural vegetable oils. That means they will burn longer and create little to no waste. Plus, they're all handmade and there's a lot of fragrances to choose from!

Available online here

Founded in 2008 as a soap and lip balm business, the latter evolved into a playground of skincare products and fragrances. Even if their business took them across the border, their heart still remains in our beautiful city as their atelier is located right here. By partnering up with several retailers, it won't be hard to find a Dot & Lil candle. Plus, if you're asking me, I have a soft spot for their teacup candle. Just an idea.

As the name says, BlancSoja's candles are made with soy wax instead of your normal mix. What sets her apart would be her creativity in making scents that are literally out of this world. If you've ever wondered what a unicorn fart smells like... well this is the place to find out. Plus, I'm sure it smells heavenly but I've gotta say, it's pretty imaginative if you ask me.

Saving the best for last: Moodgie. I know all of the previous ones listed above are equally as great as Moodgie, yet the latter has a special place in my heart. I actually know personally the mastermind behind this incredible project. Joël Gamache and I went to high school together eons ago and I remember correctly him not being in the fragrance industry until just recently. This is another COVID-19 midlife crisis that turned a lifelong dormant dream come true. So yay him!

Introducing a brand of timeless and yet seasonal scents, Moodgie candles are 100% natural made with soy wax which means these little goodies are eco-friendly and your home will smell like a dream for days on end. And since this is the season of giving-back, Moodgie will give 1% of its proceeds to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

**ALSO, you shall get a 10% discount right NOW until December 15th at 23:59 EST with my NADIA10 promo code... SO HURRY UP, you don't want to miss it.

Have fun shopping! And Happy Holidays!

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