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What's happening this winter in Montreal's art scene

Whether you're looking for an activity to make you forget winter is in full swing or simply need a date idea, here are some great options granted to you by local museums and art galleries.

The SAT (Société des Arts Technologiques) is back for its' 7th edition from January 7th to February 28th under the dome with a selection of 7 immersive short films from Taiwan, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Spain, France, and the Czech Republic. A unique experience awaits you in Old Montreal which you don't want to miss! Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Tickets: $CAD20

1201, Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Located in the heart of the Mile End district, Galerie Youn focuses on building bridges between local, national and international emerging artists. Until January 18th, you still have a few days left to visit Mark Liam Smith's In Bloom solo exhibition. The latter is a re-contextualization of still life tropes of the late 17th- and early 18th century Flemish floral paintings bringing a personal and contemporary aesthetic.

Abundance by Mark Liam Smith- Oil on panel, 2019, 40" x 30"

5226, Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Being in the center of the Montreal thriving art scene, Station 16 is the official gallery of MURAL festival. The latter is an eleven-day urban art festival happening on Saint-Laurent Boulevard where music and street art collides to the delight of Montrealers and tourists alike. Founded in 2008, Station 16 began as a creative silkscreen printshop working primarily in textile printing and of course, over time has dabbled in many fields and is now known for developing fine art prints. If you're on a hunt for intricate and singular pieces to decorate your home, you should definitely check out this art gallery. Not only the price for an original piece is more than fair and quite affordable, but you will also be supporting local and emerging artists.

3523, Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Spend the Winter with Van Gogh at Arsenal

Supposedly running on a shorter period of time than currently shown, the news dropped that the Van Gogh exhibition at Arsenal Contemporary Art Montreal will be running until March 1st. Visitors of all ages will discover a new way of reconnecting with the work of the legendary Mr. Van Gogh. Indeed this is meant as an immersive exhibition where visitors will wander among giant projections of the artist's paintings. Over 200 of his paintings are displayed including one of his most famous works: The Starry Night.

2020, rue William

Until March 1st

Open Tuesday to Sunday


Let you get transported to Ancient Egypt

You still have until the end of March to visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts' Mummies exhibition. Curated by the British Museum, The Egyptian Mummies- Exploring Ancient Lives, tells the late of 6 people who lived along the Nile, using an innovative approach that combines the arts and sciences. With more than 200 objects from ancient Egypt displayed, this will offer a portrait of who these individuals were. From their age, beliefs and the diseases, they suffered from: each mummy has a story to tell.

1380, Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

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