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The 10 Igloofest Commandments

Oh, Canada. The Great White North. The country where hockey is as sacred as poutine and our head of state is her Royal Highness Céline Dion (at least in our hearts). Not only winter here lasts approximately 10 months, but we are crazy enough to have a music festival occurring during the coldest time of the year. On the bright side, the latter is undoubtedly one of the most successful festivals in Montreal's program. So yeah us!

You might have guessed it. I am indeed referring to Igloofest. Kicking off on the last two weekends of January until the first two weekends of February, you will be able to dance your tuque off at Quai Jacques Cartier in the Old Port on the best tunes of prominent world-class DJ such as RÜFÜS DU SOL and Zeds Dead. But here's a friendly reminder: it will be cold AF! This is why I thought this little piece would benefit anyone who dares tackle the cold and experience Igloofest for the first time this year. Here are my 10 Igloofest commandments!

1. Thou shalt not forget thy wool socks

Word to the wise, wear your best socks! There is nothing worse than not feeling your toes in a slushy ocean with no heating source within sight. Another tip: wear a second pair of socks! One can never be too cautious.

2. Thou shalt wear as many layers as possible

Embrace Joey Tribbiani's moment and let it flow through you as your spirit animal.

3. Thou shalt rocketh thy ugly winter garments

There are two reasons why you should wear the ugliest winter outwear when going to Igloofest. Firstly, of course, it for the sake of fashion. The uglier the better! Plus your outfit will be on point. Secondly, it is mainly for the practical aspect of your look. If you wander off and can't find your way back to your friends, it will be WAY easier to spot you in a sea of black winter jackets if you look like a psychedelic 80s skier.

4. Thou shalt not use thy sleeves to wipeth thy nose

BRING TISSUES!!! You're gonna need it. You shall thank the cold for that. The runny nose situation will occur FREQUENTLY. Also if you need to run to the bathroom to break the seal and there's no toilet paper, this will also serve as a godsend moment.

5. Thou shalt not breaketh thy seal

If you do, may the Lord be with you! Just imagine this: it's -30 degree Celsius, there's only Porta-Potty available, meaning your butt will get frostbite and you'd have to take several layers off before being able to do your business. Give yourself a good 15 minutes prep because believe me, there's nothing worse than going to the loo when you almost can't hold it anymore whilst wearing your winter clothes.

6. Thou shalt not forget thy gloves

This is, in a sense of insuring your fingers will remain intact whilst enjoying a VERY cold pint of Sapporo. And if you plan on drinking please refer to the point above.

7. Thou shalt maybe splurge on a VIP pass

Yes, it might cost more, but you will feel like royalty instead of a mere commoner. You would have access to the heated lounge and INDOOR bathrooms. LIVING THE DREAM!

8. Thou shalt not go without purchasing thy ticket first

Speaking from experience here, buy your ticket in advance. You'll avoid any bad surprises upon arriving at the site and learning there are no more tickets available. If the night is indeed sold out, I would strongly recommend checking the Facebook Page event to see if they are any charitable souls looking to sell their extra tickets. Miracles do happen, but better be safe than sorry.

9. Thy shalt bring a phone charger

It is no secret how your poor phone's battery will instantly die in the cold. So to avoid any sad occurrences, bring your phone's battery to ensure your phone will survive the coldest night of its' existence.

10. Thou shalt enjoy yourself

Have fun coconut! And maybe head to their Merch concession to bring a little souvenir home and perhaps this will serve as next year's attire.

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