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My COVID-19 Drinking Game

Yes, you read correctly my friends.

Since we're all on the same boat, I have decided to write this little piece in order to lighten this somber period of social distancing by combining what I love most: games and booze. This goes for anyone who lives with roommates, your other half, with your folks or even if you live alone (not because I live alone I can't do this, I'm bored so I need to adapt if you know what I mean!)

So here goes.

If you need to take it up a notch, might as well be festive and roll along with the idea by making a Quarantini, or if you feel like a savage, drink the infamous Corona beer. I mean with lime, it'll feel like you're on a beach in sunny Mexico which I'm all for it.

*** ALSO I SHOULD NOTE THAT IF YOU WITNESS ONE OF THE FOLLOWING- WASH YOUR HANDS*** I am no health official, but good hygiene goes a long way. So this game might be about snitching your loved ones, but at least you're doing the world a good deed.

Take a sip when... (and go wash your hands!)

-Someone touches his face

-Someone coughs

-Someone sneezes

-COVID-19 or other of its variants arise in a conversation

-Do a toilet paper joke

-Finding yourself procrastinating a task because working from home is so damn hard

-Finding yourself crying about a show you wanted to see that has been canceled

-Realizing the restaurant that you thought was doing takeout is now closed amidst this COVID-19 crisis. This happened to me yesterday and it sucked.

-Watching TV and you see a Corona beer ad or whenever a character from a TV series or movie drinks a Corona.

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