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Give a second life to an old piece of furniture

As we all know, we were forced to put our lives on hold for an indefinite time. From hoarding our home with toilet paper to becoming a head pastry chef by making banana bread and learning a new language; the idea of killing time and learning new skills is not what's missing. I'm sure you cleaned every inch of your home, yet if you're looking for a new project, I might have something for you.

Give some of your old pieces of furniture a second and colorful life.

Think of a boring and sad looking dresser you've been thinking of putting on the curb. Why not hold on to this thought and awake your inner Picasso for the day?

All you need is a brush, some type of blanket to avoid getting paint on your floor and of course, the paint itself.

If you're looking for a specific type, Colorantic is a chalk-based paint that is non-toxic and gives a nice chalky matte finish. Plus you'd be doing Mother Nature a favor as the brand prides itself at being ecofriendly. Indeed, instead of using the traditional metal container, Colorantic uses plastic pots with resealable lids in order to preserve the paint. If you need a tad more convincing, the brand is not only Canadian but is made in Quebec! Talk about supporting a local business.

And before you start sweating, you should know it only takes 30 minutes for the paint to dry; perfect to apply a second coat in a reasonable amount of time. That being said, it would be safe to affirm that little project of yours won't be too much time-consuming and offers a wide range of colors (32 chalk paint colors, 5 metallic shades, 4 glitter colors, 4 glazes, and 5 waxes) perfect for any type of projects that might come in your way.

So what do you say?

Looking for a manual? Here are some basic step-by-step to restore an old piece of furniture:

What you'll need

  • Paintbrush

  • Paper journal (if you don't have plastic sheeting, this can be a great makeshift to avoid getting paint in unwanted area)

  • Sandpaper

  • Your sad-looking piece that needs love

  • bottle of wine (for motivation)

  • sheer will and patience (I believe in you!)

Step 1

Lay your blanket on the floor making sure the area is well covered for any rebellious droplets of paints that might be adventurous.

Step 2

If your piece doesn't need a lot of work but has a few dents and chips, use your sandpaper to smooth rough areas. If you have a glossy wood piece, you simply need to sand it lightly and clean with TSP and rinse, then spread the paint. Certain surfaces that are shiny or with a glossy varnish, on the other hand, may require an oil primer before applying the color.

Step 3

Apply paint. For a better result, 2 or will suffice. If you wish to apply polish after you may also.

Step 4

Celebratory drink! Congrats, you've restored a dresser!

This piece is not sponsored by Colorantic

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