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Well hello you

Well, this is it guys,

Finally doing it!

After several years of procaffeinating, the time has come to bring this little baby to life: Red Lips and Coffee Sips!

If you are reading these lines, I must personally thank you. Kinda means a lot. I know some of you have followed my adventures for several years as I wrote for diverse outlets and I've always been a tad scared to start my own project. I mean, we've all bean there ;)

But now, here I am; ready to brew!

I have decided to create this platform to write about what I know best: anything that has to do with our beautiful city of Montreal, whether it's booze or food and of course where to get a killer cup of cappuccino in town, but also to write about my travels even if sometimes I can only afford a trip to my backyard.

Now that you know what Red Lips and Coffee Sips will mostly be about, I must warn you of the occasional coffee pun such as being latte for work after reading one too many articles and perhaps get the sudden urge to buy a one-way ticket never to return.

Can't say I didn't warn you.

so shall we, 


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