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Favourite coffee shops to get some work done

Dernière mise à jour : 30 nov. 2019

You might be like me, I can't work from home or else I go crazy and of course, get distracted.

This is why I am always on the lookout for cafés prone to motivate me in order to get the work done which is why I thought it was fitting to share some of my favourite cafés with you today located in our wonderful city that is Montreal. So here goes.

Located just around the corner of Montreal's Quartier des Spectacles, Café Parvis has always been a favorite of mine not only for their delicious salads and thin-crusted pizzas but for their newly renovated workspaces perfect for young entrepreneurs or students looking for a quiet spot. If needed, you can also rent a meeting room.

433 Mayor St

The name says it all, if you are in need to rent a meeting/conference room, the place is of you. But what makes Crew stands out is simply its location. Think of a historical landmark repurposed as a café. Indeed the British Royal's Corporate headquarter once called 360 Rue Saint-Jacques home right in heart of Old Montreal and today when one enters the premise, get ready to be in awe. Talk about having a cup of cappuccino and answer a few emails in style.

360 Rue Saint-Jacques

Located a street north of Crew Café, you'll find Tommy Café. The latter instantly charmed me with its greenery and delicious chai lattes many moons ago and often figures on my café list to recommend whenever the occasion arrises.

200 Notre-Dame St W

With 2 addresses in Montreal and a 3rd on the way (opening this December!), it is safe to say Olimpico café has become somewhat of a landmark here in the city. Their first location in the Mile-End is usually the one I tend to go to when I need to work, but I've got to say, their second location inside the Old Port's William Gray Boutique Hotel is definitely worth a visit.

124 Rue St-Viateur West

What started as a quirky hole-in-the-wall snack shop is now an institution in one of the most bustling and creative centers of the city. Not only Titanic Café serves as caterers for office lunches and parties, but the café is spacious enough with lots of seating areas to get some work done. Plus the coffee itself and the staff are what make Titanic unique. Definitely a must!

445 rue Saint-Pierre, suite 104

Another café which I find myself visiting quite often nowadays is this little gem located on Beaubien Street. Their Mocha still has me in stitches. A must-try!

65 rue Beaubien East

Located in the heart of Rosemont and steps away from my old office building, I often find myself returning to this café. The sunny warehouse space filled with communal tables is simply inviting to all. Special tip: get their chai latte and Japanese rice bowls. You'll thank me later.

5605 Gaspe Ave

And you? Where do you go for a good cup of coffee and work hours on end on your computer?

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